Providing Safe Travel Facilities- Rent a Car

Being the leaders in the transport service provider we have attained various expertise in offering transportation in all kinds of vehicles across the nation. Our extensive network of offices, customized logistics solutions for every customer, technical knowhow,technical partners and complete coverage by insurance makes it a smooth operation. A large diversity in the fleet of vehicles that we own and the different types of transport that we undertake gives us our strength and makes us different from others. We are leading tourist operators also and have a sprawling fleet of cars, vans and buses both airconditioned and non- air-conditioned. The cars range from Travera,Tata Indica, Tata Sumo, Toyota Qualis, and Tempo Traveller etc., from which our clients can choose. Clients can contact us to rent any of our vehicles for a short travel or for long journeys and also for longer periods of time, if need be, by big corporates, BPO outlets etc.

Super Shuttle Service

Super Shuttle Service is one of the easiest and most effective airport shuttle service to and from the airport from your office or home. Kongu has partnered with the Super Shuttle Service to provide its clients an economical choice. These branded blue vans when shared, saves money by sharing the ride with other passengers to get a ride to the airport and its stop at each terminal is used by the guests of Kongu. When such Shuttle Services are undertaken , the guests have to keep aside one hour each for the to and fro journey and on the arrival at the airport the passenger has to call the Service for a pick up. This guarantees a safe and cheap travel for the passengers.

Car Carrier Services

Cars are not only expensive but the owners have an emotional bonding with them too. Therefore when these cars have to be transported from one place to another, we undertake a huge responsibility for its safe travel and adequate care against any damage is also taken up. Kongu has special Maruti trailers to transport these vehicles with utmost care. Thus our car carrier service is experienced and can be completely relied upon for the relocation of your car from start to finish. We take necessary steps to supervise that one the car is loaded in our trailers it doesn’t get off till it reaches where it should.

Hi-Tech Tracking System

The Kongu Tracking System (KTS)

Using the transportation tracking software, called the GPS, it helps businesses to effectively track the location of their vehicles so that they are continuously informed about the logistics. It helps the Kongu professionals to track their cabs real time on the internet. This technical wizard helps them to assign the cab nearest to the customer location therefore speed in service makes them have an edge over other service providers in the competitive market. The vehicles can be guided to take alternate route in case of heavy traffic jams, to avoid the busiest roads and handle client demographics. It also aids in taking stock of number of telephone calls in each shift.

The manual trip sheets have been scrapped and the KTS helps to record the mileage and location, record the trips and send the vehicle closest to the commencing point of the trip.

The speed and the ignition can be both remote controlled.

The KTS monitors the path of travel of each vehicle in the fleet and any tampering can be found out.

Drivers can be monitored, their working and non- working shifts, allocation of drivers is made easier, efficiently managing the stand bys.

The KTS has revolutionized the movement of the hired cabs in the Kongu Tamilan Transport Services P. Ltd. and technology has been optimally used to reach the optimum customer satisfaction.

KONGU in transport industry has planned to offer a unique panic button facility to its BPO customers!! Here's how it works.

  1. The vehicle mounted radio in the Call Center Car is connected to the 'panic button' mounted centrally on the ceiling and which is accessible to all occupants of the Car.
  2. To know if the panic button is activated look for a red LED which must be 'glowing'. If it is not, the employee is advised not to board the vehicle as the set up may have been tampered.
  3. Incase of driver misbehaviour or in case of distress, the employee in the car needs to press the panic button for a minimum duration (say 5 seconds or a count of ten).
  4. No sooner than this is done, the Control room of the Call Center receives the 'panic alert' on the designated radio :
    • The horn alert is activated, signaling the advent of an emergency. The horn continues to sound for duration of 1 - 30 seconds, which is programmable.
    • The radio's display will show the identity of the vehicle from which the panic alert originated.
    • The horn alert & display of emergency / vehicle ID will over-ride any conversation happening on the Control room or Vehicle radio.
  5. The radio in the car will stay in the automatic transmit mode for a designed duration, during which time all the conversation happening within the car shall be heard or recorded (on a digitized voice recorder) at the customer's option at the Control room radio.
  6. After a brief rest from transmitting, the radio in the car will again send the emergency message to the Control room, sounding the horn alert once again & displaying the vehicle ID on the Control room radio, besides transmitting all the conversation happening in the car to the Control room .... repeating the first cycle.

Care has also been taken that any deliberate damage to the panic button in the vehicle causes the panic alert to be sent! Many BPO customers have found the panic button an extremely good deterrent to driver misbehavior besides increasing the confidence and security level provided to the employees.

We are proud of

  • Round the clock service
  • Well groomed drivers manning well maintained vehicles
  • Drivers are equipped with hand phones for easy communications
  • All the vehicles have seat belts and first aid kits, fire extinguishers
  • Also provided with umbrella, paging board and torch lights
  • Drivers are issued uniforms and identity cards
  • Salaries to the drivers are as per the market scales
  • Have the facilities of PF & ESI
  • Police verifications of all drivers are mandatory
  • We provide separate rooms to drivers to wash, clean up and washing machines are provided for clean uniforms

Broadly we provide the travel services for

  • To and fro from the airport
  • Long term hire
  • All India Network Bookings
  • Hotel Services
  • Pre-paid Value Transfers
  • BPO and IT Services

Some of our esteemed clients are

  • HCL BPO C5(Thoraipakkam)
  • HCL BPO C6 (Navalur)
  • HCL BPO C7 (Sholinganallur)
  • HCL BPO C2 (Greams road)
  • Sutherland VEL1
  • Sutherland VEL2
  • Mahendra College
  • Mahima Technologies
  • Mahendra Talkies
  • MNW BPO (Namakkal)
  • MNW KPO (Salem)

We would like to surpass the high standards set by ourselves to provide impeccable service to our esteemed client base and strive harder every day to reach your personnel on time and safely. Think Kongu whenever you think of conveyance!

We are your transport partners in success!

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